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As you will see from my images I am a painter who belongs to the tradition of figurative art.  I have decided to bring my work to the internet audience because I am one of those who believe that for my work to reach the greater public, this is the place to be.

sCASEY.jpgThe main venue for exhibiting my work has been commercial galleries, and I am hopeful that this will continue to be where the actual paintings and drawings are shown.  It is here in the contemporary gallery scene that all of us aspiring painters wish to exhibit our work. For it is here where the work will be viewed by those who make it their job to know who and what is presently being done in my genre.

Over the past 20 years or so of showing my work I have been intrigued to find out that there are those of you out there who also enjoy looking at the art I create.  I have had some degree of success at selling my work through galleries over the years. Unfortunately, though, the audience that gets to see my work in this context is relatively small.  Every three years or so I create enough paintings to justify having an exhibition.  Not any more!  With the new technologies I and every other image maker has the ability to exhibit images of our work on a continual site sLEARN.jpgvia the web.  So here is my web exhibition. I hope you enjoy it and that you come back and see it often, for I will over time be adding images of my latest creations, as well as presenting many earlier works.

If you are still curious about me and my career to date, please check out my resume and the reviews and articles.  You can also contact me directly via my Email link.

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